Ruger Air Hawk - Ruger & Umarex firearms WILL NOT stand by products

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I bought a Ruger Air Hawk air rifle, I could not get it to sight in.One day my son was there helping and I was standing behind him looking down the rifle watching to see where the pellet was hitting as I was looking I could see that the barrel was bent, I called Ruger because it was still under warranty.

They told me to call Umarex for the warranty work. they ask if the barrel was bent in the up direction I said yes and they told me that they would not fix it. that it was my fault and that I had fired it with the barrel in the down (cocked position) I told them that that had never happened. I told them that if there barrels were that easy to bend then they needed to figure out another way to build them.

When I threatened to post this on the internet then they said that if I would send it into them they would fix it for $49.95 + $19.95 shipping. TWO THUMBS DOWN for ruger & umarex.

I offered to show them how to fix the problem but they didn't want to admit that they had a problem with there gun.I fixed mine and it now works great.

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Umarex this company will not standby product tried to charge me $75 to fix the gun will not return my gun going to put small claims suit against them this Monday

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